Improving active surveillance protocols in prostate cancer

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    Urologist -  C.H. Bangma, Rotterdam (NL)
    Urologist -  F. Montorsi, Milan (IT)
    Radiologist -  O. Rouviere, Lyon, Cedex (FR)
What is new in active surveillance?: Summary of the 2016 ESO meeting
Urologist -  P. Carroll, San Francisco (US)
Role of MRI in active surveillance: Strengths and limitations
Urologist -  C. Moore, London (GB)
Pathology and genomics for active surveillance
Pathologist -  S.M. Falzarano, Cleveland (US)
Is active surveillance justifiable in 3+4 cancers (prognostic grade group 2)?
Urologist -  L. Klotz, Toronto (CA)