How to use combination therapies in prostate cancer

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    Medical oncologist -  S. Osanto, Leiden (NL)
    Radiation oncologist -  P. Hoskin, Northwood (GB)
    Urologist -  M. Wirth, Dresden (DE)
Locally advanced and high risk prostate cancer
How to optimize the use of adjuvant radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy: Integrating clinical and genomic features
Urologist -  R.J. Karnes, Rochester (US)
What is the role of adjuvant systemic approaches after curative treatment?
Medical oncologist -  K. Fizazi, Villejuif (FR)
What is the best multi-modal approach for node positive disease?
Urologist -  K. Touijer, New York (US)
Salvage radiotherapy for locally recurrent disease: When and how?
Radiation oncologist -  G. De Meerleer, Ghent (BE)
Metastatic prostate cancer
Oligo vs polymetastatic prostate cancer: Distinct tumor entities?
Urologist -  A.S. Bjartell, Malmö (SE)
When to use chemotherapy in hormone sensitive prostate cancer
Radiation oncologist -  M. Mason, Cardiff (GB)
Combined or sequential systemic treatment for castration resistant disease?
Medical oncologist -  C. Sweeney, Boston (US)