High grade bladder Cancer: From diagnosis to progression Clinical case presentation with multidisciplinary discussion

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    Medical oncologist -  C.N. Sternberg, Rome (IT)
    Radiation oncologist -  P. Ost, Ghent (BE)
    Urologist -  M. Brausi, Modena (IT)
Case presentation
Urologist: -  E. Xylinas, Paris (FR)
Pathology: Are all T1 high grade created equal?
Pathologist -  E. Compérat, Paris (FR)
How to minimize the side effects of radical cystectomy
Urologist -  J.P. Bedke, Tübingen (DE)
How to optimize patient selection for neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Urologist -  M. Brausi, Modena (IT)
Adjuvant chemotherapy
Medical oncologist -  G. Sonpavde, Birmingham (US)
Immunotherapy in advanced urothelial carcinoma
Oncologist -  Y. Loriot, Villejuif (FR)