ESU Hands-on Training Courses

The European School of Urology (ESU) and the EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS) offer intensive Hands-on Training courses. We will provide training using simulators.


ESU/ERUS Hands-on Training in Robotic surgery - Intro course

The intro course consists of training and assessment of basic skills in a variety of exercises. There will be two intro Hands-on Training courses in Robotic surgery which will take place on Friday 25 November at 13.35-15.05 hrs and 15.45-17.15 hrs.

ESU/ERUS Hands-on Training in Robotic surgery - Advanced virtual robotic procedural training

During the advanced course the trainee can practice the different steps of the robot assisted prostatectomy using the novel simulator software on both the Robotix mentor and Maestro system. There will be two advanced virtual robotic procedural training courses which will take place on Saturday 26 November at 11.35-13.05 hrs and 14.05-15.35 hrs.

ESU/ESUT/ESUI Hands-on Training in MRI fusion biopsy

MRI is increasingly used in patients undergoing prostate biopsies. Different MRI Ultrasound fusion devices allow integrating the MRI information into the daily clinical workflow. The course will provide an overview on MRI reading, technical basics and different prostate biopsy approaches. Technical considerations, the transrectal or transperineal approach will be critically reviewed and discussed. During the second half of the course, the participants are able to try out 5 different Fusion biopsy machines in small groups, changing every 10 min.

Aims and objectives
At the end of the course, the participants understand the advantages, handling and limitations of MRI

Target audience
Urologists, interested in the diagnostic ability of MRI use for transrectal and perineal prostate biopsies

This course will take place on Friday 25 from 10.30-12.30 hrs and Saturday 26 November 9.00-11.00 hrs.

ESU/ESUT Hands-on training in Laparoscopy - Virtual procedural training

The course provides Hands-on training on VR haptic laparoscopic simulator for basic and advanced procedures. The modules include didactic step-by-step tutorials of the laparoscopic cholecystectomy and appendectomy, as well as free-hand compete procedure of Transperitoneal Laparoscopic Radical Left Nephrectomy.

This course will take place on Friday 25 November from:

09.15-10-45 hrs
11.30-13.00 hrs
13.35-15.05 hrs
15.45-17.15 hrs.

On Saturday 26 November the course will take place from:

09.30-11.00 hrs
11.30-13.00 hrs
13.30-15.00 hrs

EAU members/non-members €54,90 incl. 22% VAT
Residents €37,82 incl. 22% VAT


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